Friday, 8 July 2016

Decorating Muffins

muffins.PNGmuffins lana.PNGmuffins 2.PNG

For 3 weeks in maths, we have been studying patterns. We have been trying to work out the rule. Our teachers gave us a challenge of who could decorate their muffin the best using fruits and other ingredients. I found it challenging to keep the fruit on the muffin and to come up with a good design. It was fun as we all got to compete against each other. Next I would like to learn more on algebra.  


Lana said...

Kia orana Shanelle, it was pretty fun because everyone's patterns kept falling apart. I was cracking up at stephanie's one because her's was just a fruit salad on a muffin and it was also falling apart. I also made one but I didn't really get to see yours.
Did you find it easy to keep the fruit on top of the muffin?

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