Tuesday, 17 March 2015

St Patricks Day

Walt: explain the legend of St Patrick

St Patrick
Do you believe that St Patrick was born in Ireland? Well he was actually born in Britain in the time of 387 AD. Another fact was that St Patrick real name was Maewyn Succat. His parents, ( Calphurnius and Conchessa ) were a high ranked Roman family.

At the age of sixteen St Patrick was captured by Pagan Irish raiders. He was a slave for Meliuc. He lived in Ireland. St Patrick was a shepherd for his master. He had dreams about god and he then strongly believed in him. St Patrick soon escaped and head out to follow his dreams. He wanted a ship to sail him away to freedom.

He returned back to his family. He then considered himself as a Irish because that is the place where he found god. He then had a vision about him turning all the Irish into Christians. In 432 AD, St Patrick became a bishop by Pope Celestine. He was soon named “Patritius”. That means father of the people.
There was some other magical and miracle legends that he was in. He had fights with  druids. He also was confronted by a chieftain named Dichu. Dichu lifted his sword and as he was about to injure St Patrick, his hand became rigid.
There are two versions of how St Patrick made the snacks leave Ireland. He used a wooden staff and lead the snakes into the sea and they were banished. The other version is that he tricked the snakes into a small box and he then threw them out to sea. The shamrock explains about the trinity-father, son and the holy spirit. The shamrock ( known as the 3 leaved clover  ) is the national plant of Ireland. It is not the national emblem because the harp has that title.

For 28 years, St Patrick has been spreading word of god. In 462 AD he died on the  seventeenth of March at the age of 76. The original colour of St Patricks day was blue until it was changed to green.


Robin said...

Kia Ora Shanelle
I wasn't at school when you had written this Story but thankfully I know a bit about St Patrick.

camill said...

Malo Lelei Shanelle.
I was really interested in reading your story about St Patrick. I did the same as you I enjoyed learning about St Patricks. I liked how you explained the legends that are linked to St Patricks. Did you know that if people in Ireland don't wear green they will get pinch?

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