Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Combined Story

Walt: write a combined story.

Pythons Taking Action

African pythons are known to be poisonous and very deadly, they also can have rapid speed on their prey. African pythons obviously live in Africa near the river side where most animals live. The python will eat any animal that it finds. They have scales as much as a fish, they also are really long. African pythons slither fast but quietly because they do not want their prey to notice them.

When python's search for its prey they go to the river as that is where all animals go to drink water. As the python soon reached the water it saw a hippo in the water and hippos are the most deadliest animals. Slithering out of the water it camouflages itself to hide away from the hippo. The python camouflaged the whole night waiting patiently for the hippo to go away.

As the night goes by, the hippo falls asleep. Thats when the python takes action. As midday comes by, it got ready for his ambush. When the springbok was in place it  waited for the correct timing and exploded out of the water for its jaw open wide. Squeezing the springbok and coiling around it the python soon swallowed it whole.

Pythons don’t need to eat for another whole year because the springboks are really huge. The more the pythons eat the longer they can survive without food. As soon as the year goes by the pythons start to hunt for food again. Pythons can also stay underwater for 15 minutes, if they need to breathe they will only put their nostrils out of the water.


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