Friday, 3 April 2015

Write A Letter

Walt: write a letter.

Peak Camp, Gallipoli
April 2017

Dear Parents And Guardians

Kia Orana, I haven’t seen you or heard from you for the last couple of years. I hope you are all doing fine back at home. It is great to finally write a letter to you. It has been difficult trying to cope without you.

Weather has been hot out here on the battlefield. It is very difficult to be in the sun 24/7. The weather does change and when it hails and rains it is just the worst. When we get in bed it is all mushy and yucky. I still sleep fine. I would like it out here without all the hail and rain.

Food has been okay. I have been eating bread and corn beef. There is not that much because we all have to share but it can keep me going throughout the day. I enjoy eating our dessert which is biscuits.

Trenches are not healthy. They are disgusting, mushy and yucky. There are always rats roaming around and they are leaving their rat droppings behind. Also the rats have been chewing on all my other letters that were supposed to be sent to you.

My mascot is named Freda. She is a dog. She cheers for me when I am out on the battle field. She is 14 years old ( in dog years ) and she is great. She is a real friend to me.

A lot of injuries has happened over the last couple of years. I haven’t got injured yet and I am sure that I will come home safely. Do not worry because I know you are those types of people.

So I hope that you are all doing fine and please reply back to me.

To your loving daughter:

P.S. Send me some chocolate please.


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