Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Chinese New Year Poem

Chinese New Year

On Chinese New Year
They celebrate
Here let me show you
I will demonstrate

There is fireworks
And lanterns too
They also eat dumplings
For them to chew

Chinese New Year
Is called Spring festival
On that day
They eat a lot of vegetables

Children get gifts
That they enjoy
Some of the children
Get many toys

Every new year is
Named after one of the twelve animals
One of the animals is a horse
Who eats a lot of apples

Red is the known colour
Of Chinese New Year
Whenever they celebrate
They cheer

Families get together
On this day
When they are in the house
They always pray

Chinese dance
And dress up too
They just want something
To do

Children write on paper
And stick it on their doors
They never stick it
On shopping stores

Chinese celebrate
Chinese New Year
I even think last year
Was the year of the deer



Andrea said...

Fakaalofa Atu Shanelle

You used so many interesting rhymes in your Chinese New Year poem. The lantern you made looks spectacular. Your poem was amazing. I would like to see more of your blog posts. How did you come up with all of these amazing rhymes?

Amazing work Shanelle. Keep it up.

claudia said...

Hey Shanelle
This poem is out-stunning this is actually related to Chinese New Year. What zodiac animal are you?

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