Tuesday, 21 October 2014

How to make a cup of tea

How to make a cup of tea

Tea is a strong flavoured beverage. Tea was first invented in China. Tea bags is originally made from tea leaves. Here is how to make a cup of tea.
To get started, get the requirements needed. The things required are tea bags, milk, a kettle with water, sugar, tea cup and teaspoon.

Start off by boiling cold water in the kettle. Once the water is boiled, pour into the tea cup. Secondly add your tea bag and wait till the tea bag is brewed. Squeeze it out and throw the tea bag away. Never add your sugar while the tea bag is still in the cup because the tea bag will absorb the sugar, and therefore there will be no sweetness. Add sugar and milk if required.

This is how a tea beverage is made. Another fact is that  in London, British always serve tea in a teapot because it is the right way to serve tea. Also put the milk in first before adding the tea. Have a nice cup of tea.


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