Monday, 16 May 2016

The Secret in the Meadows.

Walht: write an interesting and enjoyable narrative.

Alex, a tall, confident and energetic young man was slouching in his chair as he was on detention. He came stomping out the principal's office, with a relaxed look on his face. Alex then stumbled on his way home. When he was just about to enter the front door, he felt water splashing on his shoulder. He looked up and saw grey clouds covering the sky. Even though it was raining, he needed to go for a run to clear his head. During his jog he thought of his fight with that other boy from school. His hands were clenched and his palms were sweaty.

Leaning against the wooden fence taking a rest, Alex admired the beautiful scenery. The weather changed from dull to shine. Ponds, rose bushes, trees with bright green leaves were found everywhere. Alex never had the thought of a place like this. The wind blew through the trees and the birds chirped a beautiful tune. Then for a moment everything paused. It was like time had froze. Dark mist developed in the sky, keeping the sun hidden.  Out of nowhere, a mysterious object moved closer. It wasn’t something that you would get a visit from every day. Alex wasn’t afraid as out of a little hatch came a bottle. On it said “Drink to shrink.”

Looking through the glass, Alex saw nothing. He slowly lifted the bottle with his index finger and thumb. He cranked the lid open. He knew that nothing would happen as the bottle was empty. Suddenly smoke came out. Alex stood frozen as he watched it manuver around. Just then, it shot through his ear into his body. He felt like he was being sucked into a tornado. Then everything seemed to have gone bigger. Alex had no idea what was going on. Suddenly the earth started rumbling. While he hid for cover, he noticed something big. Something familiar. It then heard it speaking. He then was shocked. “How could humans get so big?” was the question that went through his head. It then went out of sight and the ground stood still. With ants his size, humans that big, he realized something was wrong. “AAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Alex looked high and low trying to find an antidote for his curse. While he was galloping along, something bright caught his eye. He ran over quickly to check what it was. As he entered a bush, he found a place. To him it looked like a small village. Huts made out of leaves and branches, furniture made from nuts and clothes made from leaves. As astonishing as it was, he needed to get going. Just as he was leaving, he had no connection to the ground. Alex saw that a thin string was wrapped tightly around his ankle. No one was around to help him. He knew he would be trapped there for a very long time.

During his time up there, Alex imagined what it would be like to live on the ground. How the humans would come around here and construct an earthquake for the living things that lived down here. Suddenly he was able to catch a very faint sound of branches snapping. He knew something was coming. He tried breaking out of the string though he his many attempts before had failed. Small people about the same size as him were marching towards him. Men with stubbles and women with tiny leaf dresses were surrounding him. Alex was frightened of what they would do to him. Suddenly he came plotting to the ground. He then was carried into one of the homes and tied up in one of the chairs. Alex asked multiple questions. “ Who are you? Is there an antidote for this curse?” asked Alex. No one answered. They just stared at him. Alex was frightened. Finally someone stepped forward. Alex didn’t know what to expect. Suddenly the mysterious man spoke. Alex was thrilled as he understood what he was saying. He spoke english. The man answered all Alex’s questions. Alex was disappointed of the answers that he was given. As much as he wanted to go back to the human world, he would have to start a new life down here.

Alex decided to give up on searching and to live with the little people. Eventually he got use to it and enjoyed living down in the small village. Though he still imagines that one day he would go back to the human world.


Alyssa said...

Kia Ora Shanelle
I like your metaphors and similes you used in your story. In my story I didn't use any of them but adjectives. Do you like your story you wrote?

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