Thursday, 13 August 2015

Poem About Me

Poem About Me

Hardcore gamer controlling nervously
Intermediate student working quietly
Freestyle dancer twirling happily
Fantasy writer imagining excitedly.


Ifa said...

Kia Ora Shanelle,
Your poem is very fun to read. I didn't know that you were a hardcore gamer. Did you have fun writing your poem?

Shanelle said...

Kia Ora Ifa
Thanks for the comment. I enjoy writing acrostic poems at home. I play a lot of computer games at home and I get crazy sometimes if I lose. Did you write a poem too?

Samuel said...

Kia Orana Shanelle,
I didn't know you were a hardcore gamer. I also didn't know that you are a freestyle dancer. I think this poem is fun to read. Even though it is 4 sentences, the rhyming words make the poem sound cool. What did you like about writing the poem?

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