Thursday, 19 February 2015

Trapped Inside The Warehouse

WALT: write a narrative with focus on a powerful intro.

Trapped Inside The Warehouse

“La la la la la la la la ahhhhhh!” Ally gasps. “OMG. That is one beautiful dress. Mum, mum can we go to the mall? I have found this nice dress and I really want it. Please mama please.” “ Fine then, but we have to go after 7o,clock because I have an important meeting.” said her mum.

“ I’m getting a new dress, I’m getting a new dress.” happily sang Ally. “ Quickly though because it is very late and you have school tomorrow. angrily said her mum. Ally looked for the dress in all the stores until she remembered that the shop was called “ The Warehouse.” “ Which direction is the Warehouse.” “ Quickly Ally before they close the Warehouse.” Ally runs everywhere and she finally finds the Warehouse.

As soon as she got inside the Warehouse a announcement went off. “ Ladies and gentlemen the store is about to close in 5 minutes.” Ally wasn't interested in the announcement and started searching for the dress. As soon as she found it, people were closing up and locking the gates. Ally didn't know because she was putting and fitting on the dress.

Ally realized that there was no chatter in the store. She quickly got changed and went out of the dressing room. She only saw her mum but no one else. She was surprised. She saw the gates closed and no one around. Ally was nervous and started to cry. Then they realized that the Warehouse wasn't going to be opened until next Monday.

Just when they thought they were going to be trapped forever, Ally screamed “oh yeah no school tomorrow.” but as she was singing the song she saw a person. He started walking over to them and he said “Why are  you still here?” Ally realized that it was the manager of the store. Ally knew that it was time to go home.

“ Will Ally, wasn't that an adventure?” said Mum. “ Yes it was yes it was.” signed Ally, but she was happy that she had her dress that she has always wanted.


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