Monday, 5 September 2016

Tamaki College - Mathematics

Tamaki College - Mathematics

Algebraic Expressions

Expression - Mathematical term for the whole problem(no equal sign)
Variable - Mathematical term for a letter(s)
Coefficient - Mathematical term for number before letter
Constant - Mathematical term for number on its own

When variables are the same, we call them like terms.
When adding like terms, keep variables/letters the same.

2a + 5a = 7a
4c + 5c = 9c
7p - 4p = 3p
Ab + 2ab = 3ab
2z + z = 3z
2a + 4c + 5c + 5a = 7a + 9c
4b + 3g + 2b + 6g = 6b + 9g
3f + 2g + 4f + 7g = 7f + 9g
2a + 3a2 + 4a =  3a2 + 6a

15bg - wrong way
Keep the variables separate if they are not the same.

Maths eyes
If no number before letter than it always means 1

Today at Tamaki College, I learnt about Algebraic Expressions. Expression, Variable, Coefficient and Constant. We also had problems to solve and I got the last problem wrong. Though I got to learn it and I would like to try some more complex problems.


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This is very intriguing and spiked my interest of how Glen Innes has changed.

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