Monday, 21 March 2016

Corn Painting

I created this corn. I enjoyed making it. I found it hard at first until Mr Ramkolowan showed us how to draw and paint our corn. We did this as for the last few weeks we were learning about corn.    


Heather said...

Bula vinaka Shanelle

I love your corn art it looks fascinating. I still remember when we made our corn art and done a bit of research about corn. Was mixing the paint easy for you?

Natalia@Glen Innes School said...
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Natalia@Glen Innes School said...

Hi shanelle

I really like the way you made your art because it looks amazing. I think your art looks better than mines. I remember when I drew my corn it was really hard at first too.

Shanelle said...

Hello Heather and Natalia
Thank you for your comment. Yeah I did find it easy to mix the paint. So what did you find difficult to do when creating this art?

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