Thursday, 10 September 2015

Attributes ( Yazmin, Shanelle and Andrea.)

Walt: write collaboratively.

Purpose: To improve my behaviour to make me more acceptable in society.

Topic: While planting fruit trees at school three friends find an old dirty lamp. They decided to wipe the dirt off the lamp when suddenly a genie appeared and promised to grant them three wishes. Each friend was allowed one wish.

“Wishes!” they all gasped. Shanelle shooted her hand in the air because she wanted to go first. “Please! Please! Can I go first?” Shanelle asked. Andrea and Yazmin agreed so that they had time to think of their own wish.

Shanelle wished:
“I wish to be kind. I always listen when others are having their turn to speak. I raise my hand instead of interrupting someone. Instead of saying “ you made us lose.” I always say “that’s okay” or “ just try harder next time.” If I treat people kindly then I will be treated kindly as well. At times I do get angry and I won’t be that kind but I try to improve on that. To improve I will try not to get upset at times so that everyday is a calm and relaxed. I should try and take deep breaths to calm myself down.”

Shanelle finished her wish and next was Andrea. She tightly shut her eyes and wished;
“If I had one wish, I would wish for everyone to be candid like me. I have always had candid conversations with my teacher, friends and family. I am honest and straightforward with whoever I speak to. Whenever I get the chance to speak to a visitor in our classroom, our discussion is mostly truthful. Most of my conversations have been direct. Not only at home and at school, but also in the community.  I am still getting used to having candid conversations with other people and even some students at my school. Sometimes, I lie to people to protect the people I care about. So I am trying to improve on this.”

Then it was Yazmin’s turn.
Yazmin wished:
“I wish to be courteous.I want to listen to my friends, family and elders while they are explaining something. I also want to let my friends or anybody else go first before I do. I love to use my manners to others. I want to show people how polite I am. I want to help my mum or dad with their chores from putting the groceries away to washing the dishes. While on the other hand I’m really clumsy/lazy so I want to try and improve my weaknesses. I will try and cope with all my work and chores.”

The genie had granted their wishes and everyone’s behaviour had changed. The genie disappeared with a snap of his fingers and as for the three best friends, they travelled the globe to discover more lamps and genies.


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