Thursday, 7 May 2015

New Senior Shirts

Glen Innes School
38- 40 Eastview Road
Glen Innes

Room 11

Dear  Mr Steve and Sponsors

As soon as we received a message from Mr. Hendricks about new shirts I was ecstatic. I was over the moon and couldn't wait for that moment when we were able to wear the fancy new shirts.

This morning I was just screaming from the top of my lungs in my head. When my name got called up I was just stunned of how different they were. As I got my shirt I was really proud to be a senior at Glen Innes School.

I was speechless. I was blurting out things in my head but I ccouldn'tsay a word. This is the first time the seniors have ever got a new shirt that is different from the others. My family would like the new style of shirts and it is a perfect time to receive them. I can tell that everyone will treat these shirts very carefully and I hope it will change the behaviour of some students.  

I really appreciate the fashionable shirts that you and the sponsors have given to us. My mother will also appreciate it because she won’t have to pay for it. I can not thank you enough. I like how it was different from our normal school shirts. I am very proud to wear these shirts.

Yours faithfully



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